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In 2 Tea has created a beautiful product of dissolvable tea powder – you can add the sachets to either cold or hot water, and it dissolves instantly. No tea leaves to worry about. No fuss and no dripping teabags from the cup to the bin! I sampled three teas from In 2 Tea, all in different and exciting flavours! The first branch was Ginger Green Tea – and oh yes! Ginger improves anything, and it leaves my sinuses happy and clear. Cleanse Me tea was probably my third favourite of the three. The dark powder has a healthy aroma about it, possibly this is what monkfruit smells like? Luckily the taste was more like the chrysanthemum it promises. I believed it would in fact, cleanse my body of the sins from the night before. Use this tea if you need to go to church but don’t want to get up that early.

Thirdly, I sampled the Hibiscus detox tea. This powder I used with cold water, just to experiment with the product’s promises. This was my favourite – it had all my most loved tea things – organic black tea, rose, and hibiscus. It adds a dash of stevia for some natural sweetness. Yum! It was sweet and subtle, like a rosewater Turkish delight. It’s an interesting concept, tea powder instead of tea bags. It’s an environmentally friendly strategy that will surely cut-down on waste!

Try it in May’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or shop from IN2TEA

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Organic
YES 100% Natural
YES Vegan
YES Australian Made
NO Preservatives
NO Artificial Flavours

Ginger green tea: Certified organic green tea, ginger. Hibiscus detox tea: Certified organic black tea, hibiscus, rose, stevia. Cleansing tea: Lotus leaf, Mulberry leaf, Chrysanthemum and monk fruit

Our favourite In 2 Tea products:
Ginger Green Tea – Box of 10: $7.95
Hibiscus detox tea – box of 10: $8.50
Cleansing Tea – box of 10: $8.50
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