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Siberian Cedar Nut oil is becoming a cosmetology revolution to the western world – something that has been known and used by Russians for years for beauty, naturopathy, and cooking purposes. But this is a beauty blog – so we’re going to talk about how it affects our skin, our hair, our other bodily body things. What I can gather from the history is that this type of oil, cold-pressed and refined from cedar nuts the forests of Russia, was only available to those who were either rich or lucky. Now its state secrets have been leaked!

The cedar nut oil’s healing properties are vast and numerous. It’s for your entire body – both inside and out! What that means is that cedar nut oil can be used as a cleanser, soap, face oil, hair oil, or moisterizer. It is easily absorbed by the skin, and can filter out UV rays, or be used to help heal skin erosions or burns. It makes the skin softer, retain moisture, and help remove makeup and impurities. Basically, it’s an entire skincare range in one oil!

The ingredients list is sassy, if not sarcastic. 100% Extra Virgin Siberian Cedar Nut Oil, it says. Like, duh. ‘Yeah, that’s all of the ingredients. All of them. It’s pure. Stop looking for other ingredients. Not many companies can have bragging rights of just one or two natural ingredients, straight from the ground/product to you, with minimal tampering. But that’s what Good Green Box is all about– stripping away all the nasties to experience nature as unrefined as possible.

Try it in May’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Natural
YES 100% Organic
YES Vegan
YES Hand-Harvested
NO Preservatives
NO Additives

100% extra virgin Siberian cedar nut oil

Our favourite Cedar Nut Oil products:
Siberian Cedar Nut Oil 100g – $34.99
Siberian Cedar Nut oil with sea buckthorn berry extract 100g – $35.99

Siberian Cedar Nut oil enriched with propolis 100g – $35.99
Find me at www.cedarnutoil.com.au

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