Zuanna Cosmetics – Smoothing Minerals Exfoliating Mask – April Box

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Adoration of beauty products is not a sentence I bestow lightly on my products. But if there was a smooth criminal worthy of such praise, it would be Zuanna Cosmetics Smoothing Minerals Exfoliating mask. Masks are a tempting mix of pure indulgence and practical food for your body. Can’t indulgence be healthy and nourishing for your body too? Zuanna’s mask (I’m referring to this company as if she was my wise and beautiful gal pal) is beautiful purifying Moroccan Ghassoul clay mask that makes your skin feel silk, refreshed, and unbelievable.

I really enjoyed using this as a mask – your face is like a big rose petal – the clay itself is a dark pink, thick texture (depending how much water/—essence you use), which is very appealing. You can smell the hibiscus, orange peel, and sandalwood perfectly. After watching five minutes of some trashy movie on telly, I went and assessed the situation (i.e. my face), and found a lot of the product had actually absorbed! Many other masks I’ve used have acted as a sort of crusty sealant. But Zuanna’s Mask had so many yummy natural ingredients that my face absorbed it like a plant absorbs water and sunlight!

Also, this has a dual action feature – if you don’t have time to sit down a do a mask, you can also use this as a cleanser! Whether as a cleanser or a mask, the clay absorbs impurities in the skin, and penetrate deep pores, while the oatmeal soothes and calms redness. This wildcrafted and vegan product is show-stopper from my new found and very good pal, Zuanna.

Try it in April’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Natural
YES 100% Organic
YES Vegan
YES Cruelty-Free
YES Australian Made
NO Toxins
NO Preservatives
NO Sulphates

Rhassoul clay (moroccan lava clay), Rice (oryza sativa) powder, Oatmeal colloidal (avena sativa kernel meal), *Orange (citrus sinensis) peel powder, *Hibiscus (sabdariffa flower) powder, Sandalwood (santalum spicatum) powder, **Marshmallow (althaea rosea) root powder, *Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra) root powder *Denotes Certified Organic Ingredient **Denotes Wildcrafted Ingredient

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Find me at www.zuannacosmetics.com.au

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