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Enraged when you re-reading a text from your old boyfriend? Need a calming down method other than yoga, because every time you meditate you end up falling asleep? Well here is a caffeine free tea, that will instantly calm you down so you can leave his message on ‘read 3.00pm’. Pukka tea has a delightful range of natural and ethically-sourced teas, all made with organic-herbs that are sustainably sourced. You can enjoy the blends of organic herbs and fruit to counteract any possible rage-fuelled property destruction of your ex’s jeep.

I tried two of these lovelies – ‘Detox’ and ‘Elderberry Echinacea’. I’ll discuss the eminent ‘Elderberry Echinacea’. This was my favourite of the two, surprisingly for me, due to a deep-seated bias I had with brightly coloured teas. The brewing process made way for a purpley/magenta brew. As I watched it develop, I reflected on memories of previous teas I have tried that were purple and/or red – the berry flavours proved overwhelming and sickly sweet – much like red Gatorade warmed up. However, Pukka Tea’s flavour was delicate and warming, the notes of elderberry, aniseed, orange peel, and peppermint coming through. Organic beetroot was the culprit that gives the tea it’s ruby-red stain. My opinion on strong colours was repealed, and I was sipping happily away!

Overwhelming herbal teas tend to give me a headache, but Pukka teas were light and fluffy, and reigned a sense of calm over the land. Detox was lovely gentle affair as well – evoking the notes of aniseed, fennel seed, and cardamom. Who knows? I may leave my butcher’s tea behind occasionally in favour of this drinkable wellness coma. You may have made a convert out of me yet, Pukka Teas.

Try it in April’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or shop from Pukka.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Natural
YES 100% Organic
YES Cruelty-Free
YES Ethically-Sourced
NO Caffeine

Detox: Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients: Aniseed (40%), fennel seed (20%), cardamom pod (15%), liquorice root, coriander seed, celery seed. Elderberry Echinacea: Naturally caffeine-free and ethically sourced ingredients: Licorice root*, ginger root*, echinacea root and leaf* (10%), beetroot*, aniseed*, elderflower* (8%), peppermint leaf*, orange peel*, elderberry* (6%), rosehip*, acerola juice flavour*, orange essential oil flavour*◊, natural blackcurrant flavour. *organic ingredients (99.9%). ◊ contains non organic lecithin.
Tumeric: 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients: Turmeric root (40%), Suoi Gang green tea (20%), licorice root, cardamom pod, lemon Vana tulsi leaf, lemon essential oil flavour (6%), lemon whole (6%). 12% FairWildTM certified ingredients (licorice) by dried weight

Our favourite Pukka Herbs products:
Pukka Clean Greens powder -120g
Pukka Night Time Tea – Pack of 20 teabags – $7.95
Pukka After Dinner Tea – Pack of 20 teabags – $7.95

Find me at www.pukkaherbs.com

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