Be Genki – Body Oils – January Box

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Before this blog, you may have thought body oils were only reserved for masseuses, or for weird men in short robes. Never fear!

Body oils are essentially for hydration of your skin, but also calmness of your mind. The organic essential oils utilize your body’s natural hydration. Give yourself or let someone else give you some much needed TLC, in the form of infused body oils. Massage gently into the skin and let the essential oils seduce you to sleep. You will feel amazingly sleepy and relaxed after rubbing in this bad boy. The ingredients differ from each other slightly; Neroli oil may be replaced with lemon myrtle oil for example, in its variations of ‘Be Serene’, ‘Be Vibrant’, ‘Be Sensual’ and ‘Be Tranquil’. However, they use some identical ingredients across the range, including many cold-pressed organic oils, such as sunflower oil, virgin hemp seed oil, virgin avocado oil and virgin rosehip oil.

I go a bit mad for Neroli honestly, it’s an essential that I find hovering in most of my candles, body washes, and fevered dreams. I tried the ‘Be Serene’ body oil, which had a dosing of Neroli, goody for me. The description tells me it will ‘soothe stress and nervous tension’. The ritual of rubbing some smooth essential oils into your skin post showering, does quiet and centre your mind. The oil absorbs easily and you feel any tension and anxiety melting away.

Try it in January’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Natural
YES 100% Organic
YES Vegan
YES Cruelty-Free
YES Ethical
NO Parabens

All: Cold-pressed Sunflower oil*, cold-pressed virgin Hemp Seed oil*, cold-pressed virgin Avocado oil*, cold-pressed virgin Rosehip oil*. Be Vibrant: Peppermint oil*, Lemon Myrtle oil*, Rosemary oil*, Eucalyptus oil*. Be Serene: Palmarosa oil*, Geranium oil*, Patchouli oil*, Neroli oil*, Rose Otto oil*. Be Sensual: Ylang Ylang oil*, Geranium oil*, Vanilla oleoresin*, Jasmine oil*, Rose Otto oil*.Be Tranquil: Lavender Maillette oil*, Sweet Orange oil*, Roman Chamomile oil*, Sandalwood oil*.

Our favourite Be Genki products:
Be Vibrant Body Oil 100ml- $34.00
Be Serene Body Oil 100ml – $38.00
Be Tranquil Body Oil 100ml – $36.00
Be Sensual Body Oil 100ml – $39.00
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