Reborn Skincare – Coffee Scrub – December Box

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Beautiful coffee, you are my world. You’re in my morning drink, my favourite martini, and now, in my shower as a body scrub. If it’s one thing that Swedes know, it’s good coffee. And Swedish company Reborn Skincare’s Coffee Scrub is no exception. It’s a fantastic sensory experience, rubbing all of that coffee grind onto your body. It feels like finally doing something you’re not allowed to do, like you’re a kid at sizzler, just piling all possible dessert toppings onto your plate at once. But this time it is allowed. And unlike Sizzler, there are no grown-ups here to supervise you (well hopefully not, and if so, with your blessing!).

This coffee scrub’s texture reminds me of granulated sugar and cinnamon, like you are a big piece of buttery raisin toast and this scrub is the sugary topping! And in fact, the ingredients do list raw sugar, Himalayan salt, European sea salt, and Ceylon Cinnamon. It also has a very strong coffee smell. It’s delightful and crumbly to the touch, make sure you help yourself to a massive scoop for applying generously all over. Applying this scrub reduces redness and swelling of the skin, and exfoliates the skin so stretch marks, wrinkles, and stretch marks become less visible.

Contrary to the RnB song, we DO want this scrub, this scrub is a product that will get some love from me! 

Try it in December’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 100% Natural
YES Organic
YES Vegan
YES Non-toxic
YES Cruelty Free
NO Water
NO Synthetic Fragrances
NO Parabens
NO Soybean Oil
NO Mineral Oils

Raw sugar *, European sea salt, Himalayan salt, coffee beans (Caffea robust), brown rice *, Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamonium verum), sunflower (Helianthus annuus), almond oil (Prunus amygdalus) *, apricot kernel oil (Prunus armeniaca) *, tocopherol (vitamin E) (*Ecological)

Our favourite Reborn products:
Skincare Coffee Scrub 225g – $73
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