Samol Herbal – Hair and Scalp Oil – November Box

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Herbs don’t only belong in your entrees, they also belong in our tresses. Besides, our skin and hair need healthy food as well. Once again we bring you Samol’s Herbal Hair and Scalp Oil, a potent blend of natural herbs and cold press oils to bring strength, hydration, and shininess to those locks!

Samol’s dedicated herbalists use family secrets and ancient Greco-Arabic medicine to create this formula, mainly practiced in India. There are too many beautiful herbs in this baby to count – the Unani practitioners revealed their formula of natural herbs and oils to protect and nourish the hair. Sweet almond oil and sesame oil are cold pressed; these have always been amazing natural hair oils that we have used time and time again.

Another amazing part of this baby is that is promotes new hair growth – so even if you’re pulling your hair out from stress, massage a few drops into your scalp, and to your remaining strands, to flaunt the strong locks of a young and chilled out yogi! So use this lovely herbal remedy on your hair and scalp to harness the power of herbs.

Try it in November’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES Natural
YES Organic
YES Vegan
YES Cruelty Free
NO Parabens
NO Petrochemicals
NO Phthalates
NO Fragrance
NO Dyes

Organic Sesame Seed Oil*, Organic Sweet Almond Oil*, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil*, Organic Watermelon Seed Oil*, Organic Neem Oil*, Organic Black Seed Oil*, Muskmelon Oil*, Jatamansi Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Triphala (Three Fruit: Amla (Emblica Officinalis), Har (Terminalia Chebula) and Bahera (Terminala Bellerica), Acorus Calamus, Brahmi (Centilla Asiatica and Bacopa Moneiri) and Bhringraj (Eclipta Prostrata). *Cold pressed oils.

Our favourite Samol Herbal products:
Hair and Scalp Oil 50mL – $58
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