Manda Made – Replenishing Hair Treatment – September Box

I love a good hair treatment but I’ve found over the years the usual chemical and toxin full ones leave my hair feeling soft but quickly they move into oily, dank hair. My hair, which is already pretty fine, ends up heavy with product and the ends which should be healthy and strong still look dry but my scalp I could fry and egg on there is so much oil. So I’ve been experimenting with a more natural alternative (I even tried No Poo but that’s for another day) when I came across Manda Made.

Manda Made is a small boutique brand from Melbourne that specialises in Natural hair and body products made with simple, fresh ingredients. In September Box we were lucky enough to sample their Replenishing Hair Treatment. This indulgent hair treatment is highly nourishing leaving your hair and scalp feeling restored, cleansed and healthy. Made from the perfect combination of coconut, organ and tea are oils, it is an excellent product to return your hair to shiny goodness, restore dry hair and split ends. Coconut oil is excellent for damaged hair as it restores vital nutrients – especially protein to hair follicles. Argan oil reduces damage caused to hair cuticles by extensive styling or hair colouring. Tea Tree oil acts as a natural dandruff and dry scalp deterrent and promotes hair growth.

Each little sample pack is enough for one hair treatment and there is plenty in there even though we have relatively long hair. They suggest leaving in for a few hours but we kept in overnight. The combination of oils was a little unnerving running through the hair and I had the feeling that this was never going to come out easily, but as soon as I washed out with my favourite shampoo I could feel how well it had worked. The treatment easily came out and I could feel how strong my hair felt. Once I dried my hair it felt incredibly smooth and strong and for the weeks following it kept my hair looking silky and shiny. This is one we’ll keep in the weekly hair repertoire for a while.

Try it in September’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES Natural
YES Vegan
YES Non-toxic
YES Cruelty Free
YES Australian Made and Owned

Coconut oil, argan oil and tea tree oil

Our favourite Manda Made products:
Replenishing Hair Treatment 185g – $29.95
Moisturising Body Scrub Chocolate 185g – $24.95
Moisturising Body Scrub Mint 185g – $24.95

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