Love Your Scin – Coffee Body Polish – September Box

No one loves cellulite, in fact no one even likes cellulite which is pretty weird right considering most people on the planet have it! You have it, I definitely have it, and yes, even those gorgeous super models have it. So how can we get rid of this dimply finish that our body so kindly leaves us with? One answer – a coffee body polish.

Coffee body polishes are a little different from the usual body scrubs. The caffeine tightens and provides anti-oxdiants to the skin when applied directly to the skin like in a scrub and when used often it has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Blood flow is stimulated to the areas that is scrubbed, so make sure you focus on the part that needs the most help, and you’ll be left with smoother, firmer skin.

So as you can image body scrubs are so hot right now and there are seriously a plethora on the market. It makes it hard to choose one, or maybe you simply assume they’re all the same. Well they’re not and in September’s Good Green Box we’ve gotten our hands on what is simply our favourite scrub of the moment – Love your Scin.

Love Your Scin is a local Melbourne brand and made by a team of 3 sisters in law who are just divine. They’ve worked together to come up with a coffee scrub that utilises the left over coffee beans from Market Lane Coffee a hugely popular haunt just next to Prahran Market. Each scrub is packaged in a gorgeous little tin and comes in one of two flavours – Tea Tree or Wild Orange. As soon as you open the tin you can smell the strong wafts of Market Lane Coffee beans and that’s why I love using it in the morning. It gives a great kick to the senses from just opening.

To get the most out of each tin I scoop a little bit out, rub some water into it then rub onto wet skin. The feeling is amazing straight away and you can feel the coffee scrub exfoliating away the dry skin as you work it through. I like to leave it on for 2-3 minutes to really let the coffee go to work on my skin (and give that cellulite an extra blast!) before rinsing off. Seriously your skin feels incredible after you’ve washed off and I make sure give my body a good moisturise with either Vegesorb or Manuka Biotic’s Body Lotion to lock in as much hydration as possible.

Love Your Scin try and ensure their products are as sustainable as possible by using the coffee grains from Market Lane plus the coffee is sourced from the best producers around the world and is pesticide free. Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops so we definitely don’t want to be rubbing these toxins into the skin. The paper they use is from recycled material, all the ingredients are raw, there are not harsh chemicals and everything is sourced from Australia. So yes, not all coffee scrubs are made equal and Love Your Scin is right up there.

Try it in September’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.

Better Beauty Tally
YES Natural
YES 100% Organic
YES Vegan
YES Non-toxic
YES Cruelty Free

Organic fair trade coffee, organic sugarcane, salt, organic almond oil, brown rice, doterra tea tree oil.

Our favourite Love Your Scin products:
Tea Tree Coffee Body Polish 100g – $11.36
Tea Tree Coffee Body Polish 200g – $22.75
Wild Orange Coffee Body Polish 100g – $11.36

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