Baimeni – 100% Natural Face Oil – September Box

Cleanse, tone, moisturise – morning and night. The old three step beauty routine has evolved over the years to cope with the increasing toxins in the air that our skin absorbs. One of the larger issues that most people face is the lack of proper hydration. You might have a great moisturiser but we’ll bet that your skin is dehydrated and this means it won’t heal itself as quickly, scarring taking longer to fade and overall you won’t have a glow that a healthy face should have. Face oils are our favourite daily addition to the beauty routine to quickly and effective penetrate deep into your skin for increased hydration. So time to make it four steps.

Face oils are simply an oil used to bring intense hydration to your skin leaving it looking healthy and glowing. I know it seem counterintuitive to add more oil to your face, especially if you already have oily skin, but trust me it will change your life. Will it make you break out – no. Do I really need another product – give it a try and make your own judgement. I’ve found my skin heals faster, I have a beautiful healthy glow, I need less make up and even if I don’t manage to exfoliate or pop a mask on each week my skin still looks great.

Baimeni is a company that know face oil. Their 100% Natural Face oil is created with essential oils known to assist with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It increases clarity and elasticity of the skin thus giving the skin a smoother, firmer appearance and is enriched with vitamins and minerals to naturally nourish and hydrate skin.

I’m such a fan of this Face Oil it has taken pride place in my daily beauty routine. After cleansing with Esse Deep Cleanser, I use clean fingers to gently pat a couple of drops of the Face Oil onto clean dry skin. I let it absorb for a minute or so before moisturising.

Each little sample in September’s Good Green Box lasts for ages so you can imagine how long a full size bottle lasts. So if you do anything this month, definitely try a Face Oil.

Try it in September’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES Natural
YES Vegan
YES Non-toxic
YES Cruelty Free
YES 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
YES 100% Plant Based
YES Australian Made and Owned
NO Sulphates
NO Parabens
NO Lanolin
NO Artificial Colours or Fragrances

Apricot Kernel Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Our favourite Baimeni products:
100% Natural Face Oil 30mL – $20
Eye & Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid 30mL – $25
Natural Skincare Pack 6 Products – $92.50

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