Everyday Good Co – Biodegradable Bandages – September Box

When we found out about Everyday Good Co Biodegradable Bandages, even though they’re technically not a ‘beauty’ product, we just had to include them in Good Green Box. We love what they stand for and love what they’re doing to make this world a better place.

Everyday Good Co make adhesive bandages that are perfect for sensitive skin, in a range of hilarious emoji faces and get this, they donate 50% of their profits back to the community. They have a range of 3 adhesive bandages; clear, nude and emoji. Emoji by far is our favourite. Bright yellow with a range of emoji faces they are cute as and certainly would be a hit with the kids. We especially like that they’re made for sensitive skin with special adhesive glue and are latex free so they minimise a lot of skin reactions. Did we also mention that they’re made from 10-15% recycled materials and breakdown in 2 years, decomposing in 4 and the clear ones go even faster! There is so much goodness in these guys!

So the next time you get a cut, make sure you pop on your favourite Emoji band aid. It’s sure to cheer you up with an angry/ confused/ happy/ pained emoji icon staring back at you.

Keep an eye on these guys, we think they’re going to be the next big social enterprise like Thank You, Who Gives a Crap and TOMs Organics.

Try it in September’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month or buy from Good Green Box Shop.

Better Beauty Tally
YES 10-15% Recyclable Material
YES 50% Profit to Charity 

Partly Recycled Materials

Our favourite Everyday Good Co products:
Clear Biodegradable Bandages 20 pack – $3.95
Nude Biodegradable Bandages 20 pack – $3.95
Emoji Biodegradable Bandages 20 pack – $3.95

Find me at www.everydaygoodco.com

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