Soak Society – Wellness Soak – August Box

There’s nothing better than a long, quiet bath to relax and recharge. From submerging your body in a weightless heaven, to the subtle wafts of a beautiful fragrance, it brings about an almost spiritual solitude to reconnect with yourself.

Bath time is not the same without an indulgent fragrance to enhance the experience. Soak Society is owning this space with their wellness soaks, created to make baths cool again. They’re all about natural beauty and wellness and each wellness soak is crafted from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients (no chemicals in these ones!).

The Originale Soak combines the freshness of peppermint with the cleansing qualities of rosemary, the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of juniper berry, and zesty bergamot to promote detoxification and soothe. The smell is so minty fresh, perfect if you don’t like overly feminine scented baths.

But you know what.. that’s not the best thing! These lovely soaks are based on Epsom salt which is magnesium sulphate. Many people are deficient in magnesium which leads to cramps, spasms, twitches and sleeplessness. It’s amazing how quickly these symptoms dissipate after regular Epsom salt baths. Seriously relaxing and good for you!

Each full size pack contains enough for 5-6 baths, and each travel size pack which you can find in August Good Green Box is designed to be enough for 1-2 baths.

Try it in August’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.

Better Beauty Tally
YES Natural
YES Vegan
YES Cruelty Free
YES Non-toxic
YES Australian Made & Owned

Our favourite Soak Society products:
Originale Wellness Soak 250g – $18.95
Sleep Wellness Soak 250g – $21.95
Rose Wellness Soak 250g – $22.95
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