MooGoo– Shea Sorbet Butter Balm – July Box

Who doesn’t hate that moment when you’ve waxed, moisturised, tanned, blow-dried, invested 30 min doing photo ready make up and you’re out on the town feeling amazing, and then you look down, through your gorgeous new heels and notice your heels are dried and cracked. It’s enough to send even the world’s supermodels running towards the closest moisturiser. Well it’s ok… we’ve got the solution!

MooGoo’s Shea Sorbet Butter Balm is ideal for hydrating even the toughest of cracked feet. The hero ingredient is Shea Butter, one of the most intense moisturising ingredients due to its buttery consistency. With a cream moisturiser it will usually sink in straight away, but a butter takes about 10 min to warm up to skin temperature and then sink in. Usually Shea Butter on its own is too hard to apply directly but MooGoo have cracked it (get it! J) and have combined their hero ingredient with lime essential oil and whipped up to the consistency of a fruit sorbet. This means that their butter balm is easily applied and soaks deep into the skin to hydrate any cracks or dry patches.

Simply apply as needed to cracked hands, heels, lips or hands. Allow 10 minutes for the butter to melt in and massage as needed.

Need more convincing? Head over to their website to check out some fairly impressive before and after shots.

Try it in July’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.
Better Beauty Tally
Natural – YES
Cruelty-free- YES
Non-toxic – YES
Australian Made & Owned – YES

Our favourite MooGoo products:
Shea Sorbet Butter Balm 90g – $17.95
Protein Shot Leave-in Conditioner 100mL – $14.50
Skin Milk Udder Cream 120g – $11.90
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