Esse Skincare– Deep Moisturiser – July Box

Esse Skincare is a South African brand that focus on making beautiful, effective organic skincare made with pre and probiotics. The founder Trevor was a scientist and set out to produce skincare that utilised the actives found in African plants and has led to the products that you see today.

Pre and probiotics are the latest in skin technology and its clear that skin is an ecology housing little cells called microbes. These are essential to basic functioning of the skin and most skincare regimes ignore this. Probiotics are microbes that are good for you and a prebiotic is a ‘food’ that favours the growth of these microbes. Looking after the probiotics means that your skin is likely to have a healthy ecosystem, hence warding off attacks from bacteria and pollution and the impact of aging. Basically you need to look after these guys!

We’re really excited to be trying Esse Skincare this month (and sneak peek, soon again in next month’s box) as it contains both pre and probiotics for a healthier skin system. Simply apply as you would each morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

Try it in July’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.
Better Beauty Tally
Organic – Yes
Vegan – YES
Cruelty-free- YES

Our favourite Esse Skincare products:
Deep Moisturiser 50mL – $81
Gel Cleanser 100mL – $46.50
Ageless Serum+ 30mL – $265
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