Wild Harvest Care – Emu Oil – June Box

Can you name another moisturiser that hydrates the skin, heals burns and gives temporary relief of some body pains? Well we can… and that’s emu oil. Jam packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial plus natural moisturising properties it is the newest and greatest ‘super beauty product’.

Emu oil is a superior, pure, natural moisturiser that is great to hydrate and moisturise your skin, but it can be used for temporary relief of muscle, joint and back pain alongside eczema, burns, rashes and wrinkles. It is hugely rich with high amounts of vitamin E and A, and Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It promotes rapid healing of wounds, burns, blisters, sunburn and other skin damage, can relieve itching and burning insect bites plus is an excellent moisturiser. It actively promotes cell renewal and restores wrinkles and other skin aging damage.

So now you know what it does… this is where it comes from. Wild Harvest Care care about their emus. All emus are free-range Australian emus and are fed on a healthy diet of natural grains and wild Jojoba berries (so no hormones, pesticides or chemicals creeping into your body). Their Emu Oil with lavender is made from essential oils and promotes relaxation and calms the senses.

We’ve been using Wild Harvest Care’s Emu Oil with lavender for the last month and it really does what it says. It smells divine and the oil easily penetrates the skin leaving it feeling oh so smooth and silky.

Try it in June’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.
Better Beauty Tally
Natural – YES
Vegetarian – YES
Cruelty Free – YES

Our favourite Wild Harvest Care products:
Pure Emu Oil with Lavender 70mL – $32.90
Cool Moisture Body Lotion with Pure Emu Oil 150mL – $26.90
Lip Balm – Pure Emu Oil 15mL – $8.90
Find me at http://www.wildharvestcare.com

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