Power Super Foods – Certified Organic Cacao Power Chocolate Lip Balm – June Box

You know that feeling when you’ve eaten some delicious, creamy chocolate and the lingering taste is on your lips, well Power Super Foods Chocolate Lip Balm is pretty much that. Buttery and delicious it goes on smooth and sticks around for a while.

As you can imagine we try A LOT of lip balms here at Good Green Box, both of the natural kind and the chemical kind. And sometimes it is hard to find natural products that are as effective. This lip balm is one that blows all the competition apart. Many lip balms are full of toxins and baddies like menthol that actually dry your lips out more, this beautiful little delight is a total pleasure to use.

Made with organic sunflower oil, beeswax, jojoba oil so it goes on thick and stays put, plus the addition of organic raw cacao butter and chocolate flavour it’s like lobbing a stick of chocolate across your lips. In fact it’s so yummy you might just want to eat it!

Whilst Power Super Foods specialise in, you guessed it food, this scrumptious lip balm is an amazing surprise from the healthy food specialists.

Try it in June’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.
Better Beauty Tally
Organic – YES
Vegetarian – YES
Cruelty Free – YES
Our favourite Power Super Foods products:
Certified Organic Cacao Power Chocolate Lip Balm 15mL – $5.95
Magnesium Power Bath Flakes 500g – $12.95
Maca Capsules 120 capsules – $19.95
Find me at www.powersuperfoods.com.au

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