Keeko Oil – Coconut Oil Pulling – June Box

Oil pulling? What the heck is that? We were thinking the same thing the first time we heard about it and now we’re total converts!

Oil pulling means swishing a fair sized mouthful of oil around in your mouth, once a day for about 20mins. WTF I hear you say? Stay with me… It is an ancient Ayurvedic practice and the daily use is designed to detox the mouth and body. The big benefits of it include whiter teeth, glowing skin, banishing bad breathe, preventing cavities and strengthening teeth and gums.

Keeko Oil has managed to bring what is an ancient Ayurvedic practice into the modern age with their craftly packaged Coconut Oil Pulling packs. They have a range of 3 different flavours, Morning Mint, Citrus Burst and Sweet Sensation (our favourite!) and let me tell you they are divine to use. The gentle flavours make it easy to oil pull and with a range of 3 you’re sure to find something you like. Each oil pull is made with certified coconut oil, a range of essential oils and they are dentist recommended.

So after a week of using Keeko Oil we can report back that we are big fans. The process although quite odd at first, was strangely relaxing after the first time. The packs are really easy to use and we love the flavours. The jury is still out on the effect on teeth and gums but what we can say is that our breathe is fresh as a spring morning and we’ve got big white smiles on our faces.

Try it in June’s Good Green Box – only $25 per month.

Better Beauty Tally

Natural – YES
Organic – 100% YES
Vegan – YES
Cruelty Free – YES
Australian Made & Owned – YES

Our favourite Keeko Oil products:
Lucky Dip (All 3 Flavours) 14 x 10mL – $38.95
Morning Mint/ Citrus Burst/ Sweet Sensation 14 x 10mL – $38.95
Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush – $12.95

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