Vegesorb – The ‘No Petrochemicals’ Moisturiser

Chances are that your face and body moisturiser contains petrochemicals. Why should I care, you ask?

A few reasons really:

  1. Petrochemicals don’t let your skin breathe. They seal off your skin from air and water and block the skin’s natural respiration process meaning applying over sunburn keeps the heat in (ouch!) and any blocked pores can end up in acne and pimples
  2. They might be cancer causing. Some studies have shown that they are linked to cancer dependent on how much you’re exposed to. And 36% of moisturisers have petrochemicals in them!
  3. Petrochemicals can’t be metabolized. Researchers have found once these baddies get in the body it doesn’t leave!
  4. They don’t nourish the body. Petrochemicals are just cheap fillers that don’t let moisture from the atmosphere to be absorbed.

So why settle when you could use something way better like Vegesorb Moisturiser?

Vegesorb Moisturiser is a light, non-greasy, all-purpose moisturiser with no fragrance, no colours and no petrochemicals. It’s based on natural almond and apricot kernel oil that allows Vegesorb to absorb faster than a standard moisturiser with mineral oils. And although it might not look like the sexiest skin care product, in a world full of beautiful packaging and expensive advertising, Vegesorb have continued to stay true to what they do best – great, effective and affordable moisturiser.

If you have ever had trouble trying to find a great moisturiser for your sensitive skin, this is the one for you. Sometimes the best of products are the simplest and that’s exactly what you get with Vegesorb Moisturiser

The good stuff…
Free from petrochemicals
Not tested on animals
Australian Made and Owned

Our favourite Vegesorb products:
Vegesorb Moisturiser 100g – $8.95
Vegesorb Moisturiser 250g – $14.65
Vegesorb Moisturiser 1kg – $49.95

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