Your tan’s best friend – The Body Scrub

If you’re anything like us here at Good Green Box, we love our summer skin. Bronzed and glowing it is worlds away from the white wintery skin that we’re ‘blessed’ with during the mid-year months. Carefully building up the perfect tan means either spending a good few weekends at the beach or a good quality natural tanner like Eco Tan.

Whilst most people are happy to put some time in achieving the perfect tan and moisturising to keep it looking fresh, what most people don’t do is embrace the second most important beauty step – body exfoliation. Body scrubs are essential to keeping your summer tan looking fresh and skin smooth and healthy.

Like the skin cells on your face, your body skin cells regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. As we get older this process slows and by adopting a cleanse, exfoliation & moisturise combination you can maintain gorgeous looking skin for longer.

Scrubs work in a couple of ways. Firstly they slough off dead skin cells making the skin appear smoother. Kind of like when light hits a clean surface versus a dirty one, the colours appear brighter off a clean surface. Scrubs also boost circulation and encourage blood to flow to the skin’s surface. This invigorates the body pumping toxins back around and out of the body faster. Lastly a scrub lets moisturisers absorb easier into the skin keeping your skin smoother for longer.

So back to the all important tan maintenance as we head into the autumn months, make sure you cleanse, exfoliate then moisturise and you can expect your gorgeous summer tan holds its colour much longer. Who said the summer glow is just for summer?

Our favourite better body scrubs:
Frank 200g – $14.95
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Buddy Scrub 283g $14.99
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Bondi Scrubbers 220g – $14.90
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Love your tan too but concerned about the affect on your body? Check out Eco Tan at, they have the most amazing natural tan products in Australia.

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