If someone had told us a couple of years ago Coconut Oil was going to be the go-to beauty product of the year, we wouldn’t have believed it. It’s been hyped up as the ultimate natural skin care product, being both affordable and effective. Coconut oil not only smells like a long summer holiday at the beach (crucial going into the colder months!), but also brightens and softens the skin, moisturising everything in its pathway.

After using it as a make-up remover for months we’ve explored the many other ways it can be used. And let’s just say you and your bank account will thank us.

Make up remover
There is no make-up that coconut oil can resist, it is the ultimate in wiping all traces away whether sticky lipstick or waterproof mascara. Apply it directly to the face, let it sit for a few seconds then wipe away with a cotton pad or water. Not only will it remove all traces of make-up it will leave your face glowing and healthy.

Shaving Cream
Want smooth, silky legs after shaving, well coconut oil is the perfect natural shaving cream for you. The nourishing properties ensure legs are kept moisturised, leaving them gorgeous and glowing afterwards. Just rub on and shave as per normal, washing off with water afterwards.

Deep hair conditioner
Warm up some coconut oil between your hands, then apply to hair lengths, combing through. Leave in for an hour, wrapping in cling wrap for maximum effect then wash as per usual afterwards. Gorgeous glossy locks will be yours.

Body lotion
If we haven’t spoken enough about the moisturising properties this is that moment. Coconut oil is the ultimate go to body moisturiser. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil, mix and apply.

Lip Balm
Before we head into winter, fill a small jar with coconut oil and use as a daily lip balm. It soothes chapped lips without any chemical additives.

Tip: To get the most benefits make sure you buy cold pressed, organic coconut oil.

Our favourite brands include:

Melrose Organic 300g – $8.99
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Pacific Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 700mL – $12.99
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